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Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


Mental health is an essential part of overall health for children as well as grownups. For many adults who now suffer from mental disorders, had visible symptoms in the past—but never got recognized or addressed—in childhood and adolescence. For a young individual with symptoms of a mental disorder, the sooner the treatment is started, the more effective it is. Initial treatment can help prevent more serious, lasting problems or complications as a child grows up.

Warning signs in children and adolescents

It can be tough to tell if a disturbing behavior in a child is just a part of growing up or a problem that needs immediate attention. Dr. Kishore SunKara is a child & adolescent psychiatrist in Texas who believes in observing children closely and notice behavioral signs and symptoms that last for longer periods like weeks or months. If these issues are interfering with the child’s daily life at school or home, or with friends, you should make an appointment with a health professional.

Young children may need evaluation and treatment if they:

  • Are intensely irritable or suffer from frequent tantrums
  • Often worries and talk about fears
  • Complain about stomachaches or headaches frequently despite no known medical causes
  • Are always talking or in constant motion (exceptwhen they are playing games or watching videos)
  • Sleep too little or too much, have frequent nightmares or feel sleepy during the day
  • Are not interested in socializing and playing with other children
  • Struggle academically
  • Repeat actions or cross-check things many times out of fear that something might go wrong

Older children and adolescents may need an evaluation from child behavioral psychiatrist In Fort Worth if they:

  • Have lost interest in their hobbies
  • Have low energy
  • Sleep too much or too little, or feel sleepy during the day
  • Are spending more time alone, and avoiding social activities with friends or family
  • Fear gaining weight, or go on dieting or exercise excessively
  • Engage in self-harm (e.g., cuts or burning skin)
  • Smoke, use drugs & drink alcohol
  • Engage in risky activities or destructive behavior alone or with friends
  • Have suicidal thoughts
  • Are hyperactive
  • Say that they think someone is controlling their mind or that they hear weird noises

Why choose Focusdfw for child & adolescent therapy?

Mental illnesses are not untreatable. We encourage teens and parents to come forward for their or their child’s evaluation, respectively. Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient and personalized psychiatric care for children and adolescents. Dr. Kishore Sunkara, a child psychiatrist in Dallas at Focusdfw, understands the demands of this sensitive, developing and growing age group. Thus, his approach is tailored according to their needs.