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OCD Treatment

What is OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder or commonly known as OCD, is an anxiety disorder that results in unreasonable and irrational thoughts, fears, and obsessions. These obsessions often lead to behaviors that a patient repeats and nausea continuously for no particular reason. Usually, they are centered on a single theme, for example, fear of germs; it will force individuals to compulsively wash their hands all the time and for a longer time, even until they are very sore and chapped. No matter how hard they try to avoid, the thoughts keep coming back to them. It’s an unfortunate cycle that is the ultimate characteristic of OCD. The only best medication for OCD intrusive thoughts is to fight back against the thoughts and to see a qualified OCD psychiatrist.


The obsessive compulsive disorder is usually identified by obsessions. Having OCD, however, means having an obsession that is:
  • repeated,
  • persistent,
  • and unwanted.

These thoughts, impulses, and images that pop up into your head are completely spontaneous and often make so little sense to you. Controlling them is not possible, and the only sense of relief is to give in to them. OCD obsessions are more than just a pet peeve or something you’re habitual of doing. You feel pressured as if you must do it.


The OCD and depression medications are largely available, and many are highly powerful antidepressants prescribed and recommended by trained OCD psychiatrists and counselors. Psychotherapy is yet another route that a counseling center might offer as an alternative treatment or supplementary aid to heavy medication.

Why choose Focusdfw for OCD treatment?

Our psychiatrist in Texas for OCD patients, Dr. Kishore Sunkara, provides the best possible counseling and care for OCD in the region. From evaluation to talk-therapy to medication, Focusdfw has the OCD specialist who can lead you on your path to recovery and healing. Call us now to make an appointment for yourself or a loved one or stop by in person at our psychiatry center.