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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

What is a bipolar disorder?

Do you feel very energetic and outgoing—or your temper goes really bad—on some days, but unusually low or anxious on other days? Do the “up” periods go along hyperactively with increased energy? Do the “downs” go along with a lack of interest in even your hobbies, low energy, hopelessness, and sometimes suicidal thoughts? Do these mood swings mess with your routine and make it hard to sleep, pay attention, or get things done? These symptoms indicate a lifelong but treatable mental disorder known as bipolar disorder.


Many subtypes classify bipolar disorder. To start with the treatment for bipolar disorder in Texas it’s important first to diagnose the types. The symptoms of BPD center on the extremes of depression and mania. On the depressive side, individuals may experience:

  • sadness,
  • suicidal thoughts,
  • hopelessness,
  • guilt,
  • loss of interest in life,
  • And irritability.

However, for the manic symptoms, individuals may have:

  • rapid speech,
  • risky, aggressive, and impulsive behavior,
  • racing thoughts,
  • poor judgment,
  • And the poor performance at school or work.

These symptoms are particularly obvious in rapid mood swings.


Bipolar disorder is a manic-depressive disorder, which is characterized by mood swings as low as depression and as high as mania. These mood shifts could occur as occasionally as a few times in a year, or as often as several times during a day. As Dr. Kishore Sunkara suggests that bipolar disorder treatment in Fort Worth is necessary because, at times, bipolar disorder (BPD) can lead to the experience of a maniac and depressive symptoms all at once. The positive side is that bipolar disorder can be controlled with a long-term treatment plan from a professional mental health practitioner who understands the patient’s needs and lifestyle.

Why choose Focusdfw for bipolar disorder treatment?

While there’s no consensus on the causes of bipolar disorder, as there are multiple factors that lead to trigger bipolar incidents. We at Focusdfw help adults, children & adolescents with bipolar disorder with a very individualized psychiatric approach. We understand that it is a difficult disorder to manage, which is why Dr. Kishore Sunkara is here to help. If you have noticed any kind of recurring symptoms of mania or depression in yourself or a loved one, consider getting evaluated today. Stop by our clinic or give us a call as your first step towards betterment.