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Depression Treatment

What is depression?

All of us have once felt “down” or discouraged at times when things were not going right. There are normal variations in our moods over time and even from day-to-day activities. However, depression is a fluctuation in mood that makes people feel different emotions, particularly sad, lonely, unhappy, discouraged, or negative toward themselves. Depression ranges from mild to severe, depending on the various associated symptoms and the extent to which the illness interferes with everyday functioning. In milder forms, depression and anxiety disorders are usually brief and have no serious effect on everyday activities. Moderate to severe depression, however, includes more intense symptoms that last longer and tend to interfere more with work, school, and socializing.


Some common symptoms of depression include:
  • feelings of emptiness or sadness,
  • inability to feel pleasure and happiness (even from activities that you once used to enjoy),
  • feeling guilty, worthless, or hopeless,
  • isolating self
  • physical ailments,
  • chronic fatigue,
  • lack of motivation,
  • lethargy
  • agitated
  • irritability,
  • indecisiveness,
  • difficulty concentrating,
  • changes in sleeping or eating habits,
  • and suicidal thoughts.

If you or your loved one has these types of symptoms, the best course of action is to seek help from a mental health professional for a diagnosis and possible treatment options.


There are several treatment practices available for depression. For most people dealing with depression, the most effective treatments are psychotherapy and medications. As far as medications are concerned, there is a range of antidepressants that a counselor or practitioner might prescribe. Finding the right medication for certain symptoms is likely a process of trial and error. With psychotherapy, opening up about the possible causes of depression and reframing unsettling feelings and negative thoughts becomes the main goal.

At Focusdfw with Dr. Kishore Sunkara, a psychiatrist for depression treatment, many of the faulty assumptions among depress people can get addressed as he prevents the individual from relapsing into a never-ending depressive state.

Why choose Focusdfw for depression treatment?

Depression is a challenging and sensitive condition to address, which is where Focusdfw can help. Our professional psychiatrist can help people dealing with depression and anxiety disorders. Dr. Kishore Sunkara, with his experience and expertise, tackles depression and help people live happy and productive lives.