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Q 1: What kind of patients/problems do you see in your practice?

I am an Adult, Child & Adolescent psychiatrist who is trained to treat patients between the ages of 4 to 65. I have 30 years of experience in successfully treating ADHD in Children, ADHD in Adults, Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Depression, Bipolar disorders, schizophrenia and other psychiatric conditions. I evaluate patients for medication management and provide brief psychotherapy.

Q 3: How soon can I be seen, I really need help.

My office policy is to see patients within two business days and often the same day, as needed. I have priority appointments available for emergency evaluations.

Q 5: How much does treatment cost and how can I pay for it?

I accept most major Health insurance plans, however you are obligated to meet your deductible before insurance pays for my services. If you have not met your deductible you are responsible for the full amount. If you have met the deductible you will only have to pay the small copay for your visits. I do not accept Medicaid and Medicare policies. We also accept cash pay patients who choose to pay for our services with Bank check or credit card. For further information please contact my office at (817)763-5665

Q 7: I have taken Ritalin/Amphetamines for years to treat ADHD without any problems. If I start seeing you will I have to change medications?

No, unless your initial visit reveals that the Medication is doing you active harm.

Q 2: Can you see me for medications if I am currently seeing another therapist?

Yes. I am glad to meet with you for medication consultation and management sessions if you are concurrently seeing another psychotherapist. In fact, more than half of my current patients are referred my their therapist or their primary care doctors. Please call us at (817)763-5665 for more information.

Q 4: How long will I need treatment and how often will you need to see me?

You never “need” to be in treatment. The care I provide is designed to improve your quality of life. You should only want to remain in treatment as long as you are getting meaningful benefits from it. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to how long this will last. It is highly specific to each individual and is determined by the nature and severity of symptoms. For example, patients suffering from panic attacks may require only a few months of medication use and psychotherapy while an individual with Schizophrenia should probably remain on their medications for life. After the initial evaluation, I am usually able to give a much better answer of what duration of treatment would be optimal.

Q 6: Will my treatment information be kept confidential?

Yes. I will not discuss information about you with others without your consent except as required by law – i.e. situations where the patient is either an imminent danger to themselves or others. Please contact my office at (817)763-5665 for further details.